It's the Lord's Farm

The Durheim Family

We (Aloar & Julie) married in 2000 and lived on a small farm in Deer Park. In Spring of 2008 we moved back to the homestead where Aloar was born and raised, where we serve the Lord as stewards of this beautiful acreage.

We are blessed with five wonderful children (4 girls & 1 boy) whom we homeschool. The farm is Christ-based and family centered, we work together, play together and rest together.

Our goals include self-sufficiency and to that end we raise heritage breeds of chickens for eggs and meat, as well as insect control, dairy goats for milk and dairy products, Scotch Highland cattle for beef, and a large variety of fruit and vegetable produce.

But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24: 15

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